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BIORESTOR® Asphalt Rejuvenator Emusifiable Concentrate

  Benefits of BIORESTOR®                                                                                                         Markets                                                          


Reduces Cracking                                                                                                              DOT's Shoulders


Increases Flexibility                                                                                                           Urban / Suburban Municalities


Increases Penetration (Softness)                                                                                       County Roads


Decreases Viscosity (Brittleness)                                                                                       Gated Communities


Reduces Ravel & Pot Holes                                                                                               Runways


Field Tested Since 2004                                                                                                    Bike Paths

   **Test verified by American Standard Testing Methods

                                     ASTM 6433




BIORESTOR® is shipped to the applicator in concentrated form.  

Emusifiable product MUST be diluted 1:1 by volume by applicator / end user.                              


BIORESTOR® Asphalt Rejuvenator


                                                                                  You can call it the SPC-50 for asphalt protection.


                                                                                   It is a biobased rejuvenator that can reverse years of aging from your pavement.                                        


                                                                                   Gives a second life to recycled binders that have failed once.                    





Specification Sheet and MSDS provided upon request


Increases pavement flexibility by reducing viscosity


Increases penetration


Reduces permeability, ravel and cracking


Gives an additional service of 4 to 7 years with retreatment evaluation


Reduces life cycle costs


Reduces deterioration of pavement


It can add oils and resins on older pavements that are lost through natural aging process by moisture and UV damage


It has a KB value of 58

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BIORESTOR® Asphalt Rejuvenator Emulsifiable Concentrate is a restorative asphalt modifier that has been shown to increase a pavements life cycle by up to 40%!  It is a particpant in the USDA BioPreferred program.  It has been developed with biobased oils with a synthetic polymer modification to create an environmentally sustainable road treatment.  With the application of BIORESTOR® just after paving, the pavement lifespan can be dramatically increased, saving money!


Specification sheet and MSDS provided upon request

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