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BioBased Spray Systems LLC is a U.S. distribution and manufacturing company that offers USDA Bio-Preferred construction products through a dealer network for several specialized applications. We also offer several products for homeowner and individual business needs and use.


Asphalt Systems Ohio, Inc offers asphalt preservation products, known as fog seals, to assist agencies and businesses interested in asphalt rejuvenation as a better method of pavement management, as opposed to the standard practice of waiting for the pavement to fail. We have also worked with DOTs, helping them to gain an understanding of fog seals, pavement preservation and BioBased choice of pavements.


Choose BioBased Spray Systems LLC for affordable services to give your pavement a longer lifecycle. 90% of our asphalt is made from renewable resources!

About BioBased Spray Systems LLC

Asphalt services

  • Asphalt emulsion manufacturing, testing and placement

  • Asphalt pavements manufacturing, testing and placement

  • Development of BioBased treatments for asphalt pavement rejuvenation

  • Pavement infrared repair rejuvenators

  • Recycled pavement mixes

  • RAP

  • Concrete seals and asphalt or concrete releases

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From Our Fields To  Your Roads

Michael J. Freisthler

US Distribution & Manufacturing



1973 - 1980 Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturer- mill operator/plant manager


1980 - 1987 Technician with geotechnical lab –soils analysis / cement-lime stabilization / concrete / asphalt mixes testing and QC


1988 Owner of Freisthler Paving Inc., which offered commercial lot design, complete construction as well as road work. The company was DOT approved for many paving aspects and licensed in several - OH, PA, TN and AL.


1995  Started Asphalt Systems Ohio, Inc offering asphalt preservation products (fog seals) to assist customers in preventing the rapid pavement deterioration with lower cost processes.


2004 Developed and patented a bio based product for pavement rejuvenation and sealing for use on asphalt driveways, parking lots and roads. After laboratory testing, for a number of years, and in place history of performance "BIORESTOR®" is now being offered to dealers across the country. "BIORESTOR®" is on the USDA bio preferred list of sustainable products.


2008  Started a manufacturing company, BioBased Spray Systems, LLC, to begin manufacturing of "BIORESTOR®" and the specialty equipment required for application.


2010  Sold the paving company to allow more time to focus on pavement preservation and bio based product development


Current owner of Asphalt Systems Ohio, Inc and  BioBased Spray Systems LLC., located in Sidney, OH as a contractor offering bio based fog seal rejuvenators  for asphalt surfaces and focusing for the last 15 years on asphalt preservation.


In the past several years we have worked to establish dealers in several US  and International locations.

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Boasting 40 plus years in the asphalt industry