BIORESTOR® Asphalt Rejuvenator

At only a fraction of the cost of paving, BIORESTOR® preserves and protects asphalt pavements ensuring the longevity and quality of your paved investment. Time and testing have shown that using a rejuvenator such as BIORESTOR®, BEFORE asphalt breaks down, provides communities the opportunity to use their road monies more efficiently and expand their annual pavement preservation goals. It is cheaper and easier to take care of a good road than to save a bad one.

Reactionary or crisis management practices are costly and negligent. Asphalt pavements appear to be one of the only assets purchased and overlooked until a problem occurs.

— Excellence in Pavement Preservation Systems


USDA Bio-Preferred and Tested

Local, county and state agencies are finding preservation the only financial option to improve their road systems. BIORESTOR® products from BioBased Spray Systems LLC preserve your roads with innovative techniques in an eco-friendly manner.

BIORESTOR® Benefits:

  • Reduces Cracking
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Increases Penetration (Softness)
  • Decreases Viscosity (Brittleness)
  • Reduces Ravel & Pot Holes
  • Field Tested Since 2004

BIORESTOR® Treated Untreated

After 10 Years the section of road treated with Biorestor® displays minimal maintenance
required while the untreated section needs significant attention.

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Application Equipment System

Application equipment is specifically designed to apply BIORESTOR® at its desired application rate. At a dilution of 1:1 with water, BIORESTOR®  products are applied at rates varying from 0.02-0.04 gallon per square yard. This light topical application is not capable with a large asphalt distributer so specialized spray systems are utilized. With simplicity in mind, spray systems are built and offered to potential dealers, counties, or state agencies for the application of the Bio based asphalt rejuvenator.


BIORESTOR® products are offered as a concentrate to be diluted 1:1 with water by the end user. Bio-based Spray systems currently offers two asphalt rejuvenators, an Emusifiable Asphalt Rejuvenator, and a Low VOC Asphalt rejuvenator. Product is shipped in 275 gallon IBC tote containers.


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Equipment and Product Distribution

Potential dealers, States DOT departments, Counties, or Agencies with the desire to apply BIORESTOR® asphalt rejuvenators. Please contact Bio Based Spray Systems LLC with any questions involving this process.

Pavement Application

Roads and Highway

BIORESTOR® has been applied on various pavements with satisfactory results. As suggested by the Foundation for pavement preservation, asphalt rejuvenators applied to lower volume or traffic roads can provide years of life. Larger volume roadways typically involve a construction joint upon placement of the second pavement mat. This joint is typically lower density and more prone to deterioration. Over 2000 miles of construction joint has been treated with positive outcomes.

Parking Areas

Asphalt parking lots tend to have less heavy traffic as roadways but are still susceptible to oxidation and aging. BIORESTOR® applied topically is a clear penetrative sealer that does not require the need for re-striping. Tired of black tar seal coatings wearing off and becoming eye sores? Instead use an asphalt rejuvenator to maintain flexibility and ensure uniform pavement condition for years.

Airports and Runways

Airports are notorious for large amounts of asphalt pavements in the form of runways, overruns, aprons, and taxiways. While these pavements may not receive large amounts of traffic typically, they still are prone to UV and oxidation deterioration. Asphalt rejuvenators have shown to alleviate the effects of years of aging. FAA-P632 is a aviation specification designed to interpret the effects a rejuvenator offers.

Walking and Bicycle

Bike paths are a luxurious get away from big city street or a practical form of transportation for certain motorist. While funding for them can be crucial for construction, preservation of this investment is important. Treating these desirable assets can extend the operational life of the pavement and delay the large cost of resurfacing or repair work in the future.

"Since 2005 Crawford Township, Wyandot County has received contractual services from ASI with superb results for adding longer road service life. Beginning in 2011 we have used BIORESTOR Asphalt Rejuvenator on all our newly paved roads as a cost-effective measure to add extra service life to our township roads.  This product preserves and protects our long-term investments and we would not think of paving a road with out applying this product upon completion of a new paving project. The proof comes from retaining a small section of roadway as untreated.  That’s where the comparison makes its point."

Crawford Township Trustees, Wyandot County