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BioBased Spray Systems LLC has had its pavement application performance tested by the Transportation Research Center, Inc. with great results.


Pavement applied with our two rejuvenating sealants, SoySeal with natural sand and SoySeal with Black Beauty sand, slightly reduced the Skid Numbers (49.2 and 47.0 respectively) as compared to the control group Skid Number of 61.1.

Our products have been tested for performance

Performance testing services

  • Measure changes in surface texture

  • Check for cracks

  • Check for wear spots or divots

  • Use the latest testing techniques

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ASTM D-6927 -06 Marshall Stability, 5 year aging ASTM D-5 Penetration, 5 year aging ASTM D-2170 Viscosity, 5 year aging ASTM E-965-96 Pavement Macrotexture, 1 year ASTM 6433-03 MicroPAVER Inspection Study ASTM 6433-11 Inspection Study ASTM E-274 Lockwheel Friction Test ASTM E-2370 Grip Tester Friction ASTM E1911 Hurlburt Field, FL Cass County Water Infiltration Test USDA Audit Results CA Test Method 365 (CTM 365) Recovery & CTM 348 Viscosity, APART 17-1013 - Darke County, Ohio AASHTO T315 Dynamic Shear Rheology, APART 815A - Franklin Township, Shelby Co CA Test Method 365 (CTM 365) Recovery & CTM 348 Viscosity, APART 17-815 - Crawford Township, Carey Co Bowser Morner Treated Pavement Comparison Summary