Our products have been tested for performance

BioBased Spray Systems LLC has had its pavement application performance tested by the Transportation Research Center, Inc. with great results.

Rheology Testing, Viscosity-Penetration Benefits

The testing provided in this category all deal with the viscosity, penetration, and rheology of asphalt binder.  Decreasing viscosity and increasing penetration are very simple changes in the binder that can be observed, displaying the improved flexibility of a pavement. The summarized results below are in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) P-632 specification for a bituminous pavement rejuvenator.


MicroPAVER ASTM D6433 is a pavement management software devolved by the United Stated Department of Defense as a way to analyze and rate pavements on a scale from 0-100.

This study was performed of a county road in western Ohio in order to observe the 10 year benefits to Biorestor’s preservation treatment. Pavement Condition Index (PCI) numbers are calculated in this report showing a 11 point higher PCI of treated vs. untreated road after the 10 year study. A quote from this article states: “This is proof that over a 10 year period the Biorestor treatment has provided an additional 2-3 years of extended life.”

Visit http://www.paver.colostate.edu/ for more information on the PAVER software and review the article below letting  the results speak for themselves.

Friction testing

Friction affect for asphalt rejuvenation products has always been in the back of the minds of engineers. This affect was one that Biorestor has minimized significantly. While there are still variable cure times with every situation, Biorestor has continued to display safe friction values on treated pavements.

BioBased Spray Systems offers  friction testing from  their In-house owned Findlay Irvine Micro Grip Tester.

Marshall Stability

Testing for the Marshal stability was performed on treated and untreated samples utilizing ASTM- 6927, ASTM-D-5 and ASTM D-2170. These tested observed the Marshal stability, penetration, and viscosity of asphalt binders before and after 5 years of accelerated aging parameters. Treated specimens were summarized as followed:

  • 29% improved penetration
  • 45% improved viscosity
  • 17% improved Marshal stability.

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Other Performance Testing